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191st Co-Investing Atrium
Group video call | 26th September 2024
191st Co-Investing Atrium
About event
The Co-Investing Atrium is a recurring Club gathering dedicated exclusively to co-investment purposes, where some of the Club's most trustworthy investors, who have proven themselves to be great additions to the Global Investment Leaders Club's Atriums, join together to lend their valuable help to interesting funds/projects. The Co-Investing Atrium flawlessly suits those who have a proven project/fund and are seeking funding, strategic and direct support or business suggestions from active and renowned international investors. During the Atrium, a fund or project is presented to a dozen relevant investors and, after listening to the presentation, investors work together to provide the project with their valuable feedback and advice, a development solution, all kinds of support, and, of course, monetary resources to help close the round and ensure its development in the best possible way. After that a round of one-to-one meetings with investors follows. Projects and funds presented at the Global Investment Leaders Club's Atrium have a solid record of achieving new partnerships, strategic suggestions from successful investors and resources to help the project/fund achieve its desired goal. To be able to present your fund/project to the Global Investment Leaders Club community of active investors, industry leaders, founders and heads of family offices, apply in the event section or get in touch with your personal Club assistant.
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