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Mon 13 May 2024
The 172nd G.I.L.C. Summit
The 172nd G.I.L.C. Summit, which took place on May 2, 2024, was a pivotal gathering for both longstanding and recent members...

The 172nd G.I.L.C. Summit, which took place on May 2, 2024, was a pivotal gathering for both longstanding and recent members. Esteemed investors and leaders from single family offices, as well as progressive professionals from multiple industries and finance enthusiasts from over ten countries, participated actively. During an engaging three-hour session, attendees networked vigorously and exchanged insights on current global issues and trends. The presence of 35 investors from various countries highlighted the summit's achievement, demonstrating the broad spectrum of expertise and viewpoints within this prestigious and exclusive setting.


Prado Bhat, Partner at PrimeBase, also shared observations on the shifting dynamics in the global technology sector, emphasizing that technology companies are increasingly resembling traditional corporate entities. He noted a significant geopolitical and economic shift towards Southeast Asia, suggesting it as a new power center in the global market. Prado, having founded and exited two technology companies, speaks from experience about the evolving nature of the tech industry. His insights reflect broader trends in technology and regional economic shifts, highlighting the anticipation of new developments as the next generation comes into play.


We express our gratitude to Liban Gaashaan, CEO at GiGi Group and his groundbreaking investment opportunity in the truck maintenance and repair industry promising to greatly relieve truck industry life in Canada.

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