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Mon 13 May 2024
164th PIFW: Future of Energy, Chapter I
4 Emerging Energy Technologies to Watch in the Next Decade.

1 - Hydrogen Technologies

Craig Astill, CEO of The Caason Group, Australia, emphasizes the growing importance of hydrogen technologies and sodiumbatteries in the vehicle market. "I'm enthusiastic about the advancements in hydrogen technologies, which are more environmentally friendly and offer quicker charging and higher energy output. This progress is also pivotal for the electric vehicle (EV) market's shift towards sustainable technologies,"


2 - Nuclear Power

Barry Gold, Managing Partner at NEXUS Infrastructure Capital Management, US, underscores nuclear power's role in generating clean energy. "France exemplifies the successful use of nuclear power to produce a clean energy supply. While nuclear power and alternatives like pump storage hydro face environmental and acceptance challenges in some regions, they are vital for a sustainable energy mix," Nuclear power's capability to offer a pollution-free energy source is crucial for global sustainable energy efforts.


3 - Sodium Batteries

Highlighting the potential of sodium batteries for energy storage, Barry Gold says, "Energy storage faces challenges, particularly with long-duration capabilities. While current technologies support voltage and frequency needs, alternatives to lithium-ion, like sodium batteries and other innovative technologies, are emerging as promising solutions for long-term energy storage."


4 - Clean Hydrogen from Thermal Coal

Craig Astill discusses transforming the coal industry through clean hydrogen production. "Investigating how thermal coal can produce clean or blue hydrogen offers a pathway to repurpose coal for base load power production, minimizing its environmental impact." This method is contributing to a more sustainable energy landscape.


The 164th PIFW "Future of Energy" was a great success, serving as a crucial gathering for leaders in the energy sector to explore the advancements in sustainable energy technologies. The forum highlighted innovative solutions such as sodium batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and emphasized the significant role of nuclear energy.

Participants mentioned in the article
Craig Astill
Managing Director & CEO
Caason Group
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