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Mon 13 May 2024
159th PIFW: How to Leverage Your Investment Network?
How To Network Right? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

How To Network Right? Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes


1 - Ignoring Soft Skills: Mohammad Salem highlights the importance of connection beyond business: "If you're working in sales, you need to know your clients. Likewise, when you approach me as an investor, It's essential to get to know who I am and what types of industries we're investing in.” This underscores the critical role of soft skills in networking.


2 - Inconsistent Follow-Up: Stressing the necessity of follow-up, Lisa Morris advises using a system to remember contacts: "Rather than relying on memory... employing a system to track interactions and key details can transform fleeting meetings into lasting connections." This systematic approach is key to solidifying new relationships with investors.


3 - Unbalanced Conversations: Mohammad Salem advocates for listening as much as talking: "It's important to give the other party a chance to introduce themselves and explain themselves, becoming a bit more of a listener." Equal dialogue exchange is crucial for fruitful networking!


4 - Neglecting Online Networking: Serhat Cicekoglu points out the importance of digital tools: "The essence of building relationships requires both time and effort. If direct meetings are scarce, leveraging digital tools becomes essential." Online platforms are vital for maintaining and expanding networks.


5 - Disregarding Diverse Networks: Guneet Banga encourages expanding networks beyond common circles as an essential step to innovation: "Building a network beyond your circle is more crucial than ever now. A diverse network not only broadens your perspective but also opens doors to new, untapped opportunities."


The 159th Private Investment Forum Worldwide' was a great success, opening networking avenues for attendees. This pivotal event provided an enriching exchange of real-life experiences and proven strategies from investors and key decision-makers. Participants had the unique chance to forge meaningful connections with investment leaders and leverage investment networks.

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