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Mon 13 May 2024
The Rising Role of Tech in Real Estate Investment
The progressive confluence of real estate and technology offers a fascinating lens through which we can observe the transformative power of innovation in reshaping long-established industries...



The progressive confluence of real estate and technology offers a fascinating lens through which we can observe the transformative power of innovation in reshaping long-established industries. Historically viewed as an arena rooted firmly in tangible assets — bricks, land, and buildings — real estate is making substantial strides into the expansive territory of digital innovation. This modern convergence is often referred to as PropTech (Property Technology). Beyond being just a trending term, PropTech denotes a significant and transformative shift. With projections showing billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices permeating our daily lives by 2025, the real estate domain is on the cusp of a revolutionary transition. According to a report by KPMG, 58% of real estate companies have already adopted digital and technological strategies, indicating a significant shift towards PropTech.


Harnessing Tech for Enhanced Building Management


Elaine Chow, principal and MD of Trinity Capital, during her notable speech at one of the Private Investment Forum Worldwide gatherings, highlighted the escalating significance of technology within the real estate realm. A key focus of her address was the ascendant relevance of advanced building management systems. These systems, leveraging the potential of cutting-edge tech, can offer invaluable data-driven insights into aspects like foot traffic within buildings, as well as their energy and water consumption patterns. Corroborating Chow’s assertions is an insightful study conducted by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE). The research indicates that the deployment of smart building technologies can culminate in energy savings to the tune of 18% for commercial structures. A 2020 report by Mckinsey & Company highlighted that smart building technologies could reduce building energy consumption by 15% and save up to $60 billion by 2025. These technological breakthroughs signify more than mere progression. They herald the coming together of two pivotal aspects: heightened efficiency and a renewed focus on environmental sustainability in property management.


The Intersection of Real Estate and Sustainable Tech


Russell Deakin, CIO & MP of Aceana Group, offers a glimpse into what the future might hold. He envisions a time where considerations of sustainability, particularly energy-centric ones, will be at the forefront of the overlap between real estate and technology. Adding weight to Deakin’s perspective is the World Green Building Council. This international body has consistently highlighted that green building initiatives not only align with Deakin’s vision but also possess immense energy conservation capabilities capable of reshaping the future of real estate and technology.


Brian DeLucia


Traditional Approaches in a Digital Age


However, the accelerating momentum of digital adoption hasn’t completely overshadowed conventional approaches. Brian DeLucia of Arrivato LLC stands as a testament to this. DeLucia, while recognizing and respecting the swift march of tech innovation, still harbors a preference for the tried-and-tested methodologies intrinsic to real estate investment. He remains open to integrating technological advancements but emphasizes the time-honored reliability and trustworthiness of classical investment strategies.




As we stand at this unique juncture, the traditionally tangible world of real estate is undergoing a harmonious blend with the boundless possibilities of the digital realm. The meteoric ascent of PropTech, combined with the industry’s growing affinity for sustainable solutions, sets the stage for a future where the foundational elements of real estate coalesce beautifully with the wonders of innovation. As industry leaders and stakeholders navigate this evolving landscape, one thing is certain: the future of real estate promises an exciting amalgamation of age-old wisdom and cutting-edge technology.

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