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Thu 16 May 2024
Craig Astill, Managing Director & CEO at Caason Group (Australia)
Over the past three years as a member of the Club, I have found each gathering to be a remarkable experience...

"Over the past three years as a member of the Club, I have found each gathering to be a remarkable experience. These events are a highlight for me, offering the chance to converse with fascinating people from various parts of the world. The diversity of thoughts, experiences and cultures I encounter continues to enrich my professional and personal life, making every club meeting invaluable."

Participants mentioned in the article
Craig Astill
Managing Director & CEO
Caason Group
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David Watts
Dr. David Watts, CEO of Crypto Custody Trust, (US)
Participating in the G.I.L.C. events has been a remarkable journey that significantly enhanced my perspective on investor relations.
1 mid read | 1 day ago
Yoshiyuki Oba
Yoshiyuki Oba, Co-Founder at COREangels Pacific (Malaysia)
Joining this community has been a remarkable experience, connecting me with thought leaders and innovators from diverse fields...
1 mid read | 15 days ago
K Ramesh Kumar
Ramesh Kumar, Founder at Vishan Consulting, (US)
I’ve been a member for quite some time now and I must say, attending G.I.L.C. meetings feels akin to joining a reunion of friends and family..
1 mid read | about 1 month ago
Lisa Morris
Lisa Morris, Director of Philanthropic Services at FORCE Family Office (United States)
Being part of the Club has been an enriching journey, filled with the discovery of wonderful people from diverse backgrounds..
1 mid read | about 1 month ago
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